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A new ministry offered by Hands of Veronica: visitation and communion to people confined either to a hospital, a nursing home, or their own home

Dear parishioners,

We now have a team of about ten people who are prepared to visit people who are confined, either to their own homes, to a nursing home, or in hospital, and to bring them communion. If you know of someone who you think would appreciate this ministry, please verify with them, and if they desire it, call the parish office and speak with Lorna, our receptionist. She will ask you for some contact info for the person who wishes to receive a visit, find a member of HOV who is available to make the call, and that person will contact the recipient of the visit to arrange for a date and time. Safe Environment requires that our volunteers never be alone with a vulnerable person in their home, so whoever takes communion to shut-ins will always be accompanied by someone else, unless they know there will be another person present with the person they are visiting. This rule doesn’t apply for visits to people in hospitals or in nursing homes, since, as long as the door to their room is open, the visitor is usually visible.

On behalf of the whole parish, I thank those who have accepted to take on this important ministry.

Fr. Guy