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Christian Meditation

“Meditation opens the common ground between all traditions and cultures, religious, secular and scientific. In a world that is growing increasingly aware of its need for stability and depth, Christian Meditation is speaking to more and more people. This prayer of silence, found in Christian tradition from earliest times, leads us beyond words, thoughts and images to experience the presence of Christ within us. Christian Meditation is central to the Christian experience and is available to all.”

~Fr. Laurence

Christian Meditation is a group that meditates and practices contemplative prayer as passed on through the teaching John Main OSB. Rooted in Christian tradition from the earliest times, meditation is a way of simplicity in which we quiet the mind and become still and attentive to God. It is a prayer of silence, which takes us beyond words, thoughts and images to experience the presence of Christ within us. The meetings are every Tuesday at 7:00 PM in the rectory basement. The session lasts for an hour and consists of listening to an inspirational talk on meditation, followed by 25 minutes of silent meditation. There is also a time of sharing and questions if needed.

Contacts: Ted and Cora Alcuitas email: coralcuitas@shaw.ca

Barry Desmond email: thomasde@telus.net

Michel and Rosemary Chan Fong email: rchanfong@outlook.com

Christian Meditation“Be Still and know that I am God”


In 1975, John Main OSB (1926-1982) opened the first Christian Meditation Centre at his monastery in London, England. He had recovered a simple tradition of silent, contemplative prayer from the teachings of St. John Cassian and the 4th century Desert Fathers. Meditation is also found in the 14th century spiritual classic, The Cloud of Unknowing.  It soon became clear to him that this tradition has relevance today, not only for monks but for all contemporary men and women. He saw it as a way to the renewal of the church and the world.


In 1977, he came to Canada at the invitation of the bishop of Montreal, Bishop Crowley, to establish a priory for the purpose of practicing and teaching meditation. The first meditation group of lay people was then started which is today still continuing. Other groups around Canada has since blossomed including several groups in the lower mainland BC. Our group at St. Mary’s is part of the Canadian Christian Meditation Community as well as the World Community for Chritisn Meditation with Fr. Laurence Freeman, OSB as spiritual director.


Our group at St. Mary’s was started by the late Sr. Charlotte Girard, a sister of the Child Jesus in 2003. Fr. Pierre was a regular meditator with us as well as Fr. Larry Lynn before he heard his calling to the priesthood.


Our group at St. Mary’s meets for meditation once a week on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm at the Rectory Basement.