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Dear Parishioners,

Dear Parishioners,

Two things today. The first, Development and Peace’s fall campaign.  The focus of this year’s signature campaign is the Amazon and its people. Our D&P team has information on this situation that you can take with you and read at home. The long and the short of it is that the Amazon basin is threatened by over-development, and that means that the people who live there, as well as the entire planet, is threatened, given the importance of the Amazon in the global ecosystem. You will be given an opportunity once again this Sunday to join your voice to the chorus of voices in the world pleading for redemption for the Amazon, by simply signing a letter that will be sent to our government.

Pope Francis has rightly affirmed in Laudato Si that nothing short of a global conversion of mind and heart can stop the world’s downward slide into global warming and its consequences, certain to be horrific for millions of people on our planet. Let us then make the small gestures that we can to be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem, and let us raise up our voices to Heaven, to the “sun of righteousness”, and call on Him to “rise with healing” for the Amazon and for our entire planet “in his wings”.

Secondly, Project Advance. I just want to make a gentle reminder that the year is fast coming to a close, and that we are  at only 56% of our parish target. I realize that many people like to wait till the very end of the year to make their donations. Allow me here simply to make another reminder that what is called our “parish target” is not just a parish target. It is , literally, a bill. If we do not reach our target through your donations, we will have to take money from our parish account to cover the shortfall. One way or another, in January, we have to send a cheque for the amount of roughly $125,000.00 to the Archdiocesan office of Project Advance. Finally, allow me to point out yet again that this is a good cause. The money received through Project Advance is used to fund a multitude of extremely important ministries from which we at St. Mary’s benefit as do all the parishes in the archdiocese. These funds are also used to finance a great many parish development projects, such as new churches, schools and parish centres in such a way as to help the parishes pay off their projects in a timely manner.

I realize that most people identify far more readily with their parish than with the archdiocese of which their parish happens to be a part. Let me then point out that our parish benefits a great deal from the fact that it is a part of a very vibrant, very thriving archdiocese.  Bluntly put, to help our archdiocese is to help ourselves! Finally, if you are wondering how much you should give, I believe the rough calculation that I made last year is still valid. There are, at minimum, 5000 people who attend our church every Sunday. It’s safe to post it that at least half of them, 2500 people, are adults. If every adult parishioner contributed $50.00, that would work out to $125,000.00, that is to say, our parish goal! Now that you have the facts. The rest is up to you. God’s will be done.

God bless,  Fr. Guy