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Handmaids of the Lord


Handmaids of the Lord, believe that God wants us to rise up in defense of His work. Handmaids is a creation of God distinctively called to the mission of personal renewal, of seeking out other mature women and helping them into a renewed life in the Lord and of wholehearted service to God’s people. Handmaids are called to uphold the God given dignity and true worth of women as seen in them light of the Word of God. Single mature women, widows, separated or divorced, single parents, wives of overseas workers, and those whose husbands are unavailable are invited to join the community through a Christian Life Program. This is a series of teachings about our faith and how we can deepen our relationship with the Lord. There are retreats, conferences, teachings and fellowships all year round. Handmaids are active in the parish as volunteer lectors, mass coordinators and collectors, Eucharistic Ministers in our quest to be closer to our faith.
Handmaids are an integral part of Couples for Christ (CFC) and are called to be God’s co-workers, to participate in the Church’s work of global evangelization and renewal. The participants pledge to live an evangelistic lifestyle, and to support God’s work with their time, talents and treasure.
In submission to God’s holy will, The Handmaids commit themselves to the mission of serving wherever God brings, trusting only in His guidance and His power. Just like Mary the woman, our very being and essence of being a woman proclaim the greatness and glory of our God as we joyously proclaim: “I am the Handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to Your word”.