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“I AM WITH YOU, SAYS THE LORD, TO DELIVER YOU.” JER 1,19 – Pastor’s Corner – Feb 3 2019

Dear parishioners,

Just to let you know today, that this Monday, February 4 – Chinese New Year’s Eve, very auspicious! – I will be admitted to hospital for ankle-replacement surgery. If all goes well, this will be followed by two weeks confined to a bed, followed by four more weeks of recovery, with very limited mobility. This means that though I will be present in the parish for at least a part of the latter four weeks, I won’t be able to preside liturgies, and I will only be able to accomplish what I can do by phone or email. Therefore, in the next six weeks, you will see me very seldom. Fr. David, as well as a few other priests in the diocese, have generously made themselves available to help Fr. Gabriel cover all the liturgies. I take this opportunity to thank them all.

This is very daunting for me, especially the thought of the two weeks in bed, but I know deep down that “the Lord is with me, to deliver me”, that I will be carried as always, in the arms of his Providence, and that all will be well, even though there may be a few tough moments.

I am quite confident of this, but just to cover all the bases, please say a little prayer for me. I will miss you all terribly, but I should be able to maintain contact with you via the pastor’s corner.

Theresa, in the parish office, will be able to communicate to me any urgent matter that you may need to bring to my attention.

So see you in six weeks. In the meantime, as always,

God bless,  

Fr. Guy