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Knights of Columbus


Are you concerned with the Church, community and would you and your family like to share in wholesome fraternity and fellowship? If the answer is YES, then it is time for you to become a proud member of the Knights of Columbus. The Knights strive to grow spiritually while responding to those who need their help: the disabled, unborn, orphans, youth, widows, the Church and more. Give generously of yourself, your time and talent, while building self-esteem and satisfaction by socializing with new friends. Strengthen family life through various family activities such as Rosary night, family bowling, family picnic, memorial mass, Christmas party, etc. Insurance for the protection of your family is also available. Optional and flexible benefits are conceived to meet any of your needs. Now is the time to join the Knights. You need to be a practicing Catholic gentleman, 18 years or older, willing to get involved and help the Church and community.



Executive Officers July 2017 -June 2018

Grand Knight                                              Bob Mayormita

Deputy Grand Knight                              Romeo Cadavido

Financial Secretary                                  Reynaldo Castro

Chaplain                                               Fr. Guy Rivard, OP

Chancellor                                                      Adel Aguilar

Recorder                                                     Jordan Nidua

Treasurer                                               Ronnie Caballero

Advocate                                                    Rolando Wico

Warden                                                   Danilo Madayag

Inside Guard                                           Bernardo Presto

Outside Guard                            Fabio Generoso da Silva

Trustee (One year)                                         Lebie Curate

Trustee (Two years)                                 Manuel Mendoza

Trustee (Three years)                              Andrew Costales



Sample Newsletter

The Knight Register – Volume 2 Issue No. 1 – Mar. 2013


San Pedro Calungsod # 3400 – 4th Degree Assembly @ St. Mary’s 



Executive Officers July 2017 -June 2018

Faithful Navigator                            SK Andrew Costales

Faithful Comptroller                           SK Renato Montilla

Faithful Friar             SK Fr. Gabriel de Chadarévian, OP

Faithful Captain                           SK Ronnie  Caballeros

Faithful Admiral                                 SK  Bob Mayormita

Faithful Purser                                SK Romeo Cadavido

Faithful Pilot                                          SK Roy Pimentel

Faithful Scribe                                 SK Manuel Mendoza

Inner Sentinel                                    SK Bernardo Presto

Outer Sentinel                                          SK Adel Aguilar

Trustee (One year)                                SK  Mike Lagman

Trustee (Two years)                                 SK Cleto Torres

Trustee (Three years)                                SK Rolly Wico