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Metro Vancouver Alliance

Are you looking for a way to make your parish more present in the community? Metro Vancouver Alliance (MVA) is an alliance of community groups, faith, labor and educational institutions, working together for the common good. As a new member of MVA, St. Mary’s is in the process of putting together a team of people who are interested in developing programs that will work on those issues that concretely matter most to the community. Members develop leadership skills and learn “the art of politics” through active engagement and participation. More information is available at www.iafnw.org/canada/metrovancouveralliance

MVA at St. Mary’s

The MVA initiative at St. Mary’s is still very young and has a few members. After a period of defining ourselves and after strategic planing we have started to launch into our mission goals. Our main goal is to build relationships with in the parish and then to expand to build relationships in the local community. We do this by meeting and talking with real people who have real challenges and concerns. Our modus operandi are one on one personal meeting over coffee, reinventing and sharing an enthusiasm to grow closer and to change the heavy burdens and feelings of isolation and disconnectedness. We delve a little deeper into the personal, and at the same time share our own motivations that have shaped our public persona. As a start we are introducing ourselves to other ministry groups at St Mary’s, of which there are many. Also we have started a relationship with the DTES parish of Scared Heart by participating in a community walk to seek input to their Imagine Project. Being part of a greater community of MVA always keeps us busy and ready to meet with new people. Our motivation though is our ultimate goal – to effect change for the common good. So if you have this desire and would like to develop the social skills and the art and fun of talking and listening to people, we would love to have you. We have meetings once a month on the first Monday of the month from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, this may change periodically to the second Monday depending on availability.

Worshipping Beyond Our Walls – Metro VancouverAlliance

Archdiocese Vancouver

Published on Mar 28, 2014

Metro Vancouver Alliance, a coalition of faith, labour and community groups devoted to “finding common ground” and working for “the common good.”

Archbishop Miller attended to express archdiocesan support for the movement, which was given its Catholic impetus by the late Sister Elizabeth Kelliher, SSA, Father Ken Forster, OMI and Fr. Ian Stuart. In this video, Father Ken, a former pastor of two parishes in the Downtown Eastside, explains the importance of Catholic support for MVA.