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Migrant Workers and Families’ Outreach Program

The Migrant Workers and Families’ Outreach Program of St. Mary’s Parish is a welcoming, safe and compassionate church community based on respect, trust and confidentiality, that bears witness to¬†God’s love under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and protection of the Holy Family. It is facilitated by a group of volunteers committed to actively reach out to migrant individuals and families who need¬†support from a faith-based community. The mission is carried out through Word and Worship (teachings, prayer groups, bible study, retreats), Work (Moral Values Re-orientation Program, Family

Enrichment Programs, Social Awareness programs and referrals to agencies in the community) and Wellbeing (counseling referrals and fellowship).


What is Migrant Ministry?Migrant-Ministry-icon-image-1a

Migrant Ministry is supported by various parishes within the Archdiocese of Vancouver. This initiative began within the Office of Service and Justice and continues to expand as this ministry consists of the Hispanic Community and the Temporary Foreign Workers.

As Christians, we are called to reach out to and pray for all migrants to emphasize the unity of the human family and the values of acceptance, hospitality, and love of neighbour.

A leadership team was formed to support this ministry, shepherded by out Hispanic Coordinator Father Richard Zanotti, CS.