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NEWS OF ALL KINDS – Pastor’s Corner – Jan 27 2019

Dear parishioners,


Four things today.


Firstly, I should have announced this a long time ago, but I only realized now that this needs to be said: we have an immensely likeable new receptionist and clerical assistant at the parish office, in the person of Lorna Acosta. She is a parishioner at Our Lady of Mercy, married to a Hungarian, with a son who just graduated from St. Thomas More, and a small daughter in kindergarten at Our Lady of Mercy! Marianne has left us to take up a new responsibility with her former employer. Please pray that all will go well for her, and please help us in welcoming Lorna to St. Mary’s.


Secondly, we have always felt that parishioners are interested in knowing the results of collections, both the regular collection and special collections. But at the same time, for security reasons, we’ve never felt really comfortable with the verbal announcement of collection results at the end of mass, and even less so with publishing these results in the parish bulletin. We think we have found a simple solution. Beginning next Sunday, collection results will be posted on the screens in the pre-mass projection. All funds raised for the Building Fund, whether by our monthly special collection or otherwise, will be posted monthly.


We are experiencing an increasing imbalance during the distribution of communion at our Sunday masses. More and more people are going down the side aisles to receive communion, with the result that distribution of communion by the statues of Mary and Joseph is taking longer, while those distributing communion in the centre aisle are left idle. We are therefore attempting a slight change of routine. Those people who are standing at the back of the church immediately behind the two side-sections of pews can continue to go down the side aisles for communion. But we are asking everyone else who is at the back of the church, either in the crying room, in the loft, in the foyer or standing behind the last pews of the centre sections of pews to receive communion from the eucharistic ministers posted at the back of the centre aisle if there are any, and if not, to come down the centre aisle to receive communion. We’ve tested this at a few masses, and it seems to work. Thank you for your cooperation. The ushers will try to help us with this.


Finally, just a reminder. Thanks to the generosity of our Knights of Columbus, we are monitoring our parking lot on a regular basis. People who park in forbidden areas will receive two warnings, by way of plastic cards that we place under their windshield wipers. On the third offence, we will call Buster’s Towing to tow away their vehicles. We really hope we won’t have to do this, but if we have to, we will. It’s a matter of security. The places where parking is forbidden have been made very, very clear. Also, improper parking is simply never necessary, since there are always spots available on the back (of the school) parking lot. So there is really no excuse for parking in forbidden spots. And please, if you should see a Knight placing a warning under your windshield wiper or if your car should be towed, please don’t take it out on the Knights. They’re just doing what they were asked to do, in a spirit of service.


God bless,

Fr. Guy