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OF EASTER AND OF PROJECT ADVANCE – Pastor’s Corner – April 28 2019

Dear parishioners,

Happy Easter to you all!

My first order of business today is to express our debt of gratitude to the countless parishioners who have enabled to move prayerfully through Holy Week and the Holy Triduum. They are Rose Pillay and the liturgy committee, the eucharistic ministers, the lectors, the mass coordinators, the sacristans, the flower ministry, Erwin Mow and his army of altar-servers, the choir directors and their choirs, the ushers, the counters, the Knights of Columbus who monitor our parking lots on the busiest of celebrations, Edwin Cruz and the RCIA team who devote much time to preparing the celebration of adult baptisms and confirmations, and finally the priests who do double-time to hear endless confessions. There are no doubt others still who don’t fall into the above categories, but who also give of themselves in hidden ways, that we might experience consistently prayerful celebrations during Holy Week at St. Mary’s parish. We are heavily indebted to you. What can we say but Thank You and may God render you one hundredfold for all your devotion to our Holy Week liturgies.

. . . . . . .

My second order of business today is to proclaim the launch of our 2019 Project Advance campaign. The video that you will see in lieu of the homily will provide you with the many reasons we have for contributing to this very important campaign. I refer you as well to a text that Teresa Lung has provided for today bulletin, and which gives important information on last year’s and this year’s campaign. To sum it up, your generosity in 2018 provided $125,000 for the Archdiocese, and netted us at St. Mary’s with no less than $29,000, all of which went straight into our building fund! That amounts to three monthly building fund special collections! Our parish target remains unchanged this year, at $125,000. How do we know how much we should contribute, personally? My calculation is simple. There are 5,500 people who attend Sunday mass at St. Mary’s parish. It seems reasonable to estimate that half of them, let us say 2,500, are adults. At $50 per adult parishioner, we reach our goal of $125,000. For most people, $50.00 isn’t a lot of money, to be given in one year. Let me remind as well that our parish target isn’t just a target. It is, in effect, a bill. If your contributions for the year don’t come out to $125,000, the balance has to come out of our parish account! So here’s hoping that we will all give, irrespective of the amount. I know that if we all give, we will for sure surpass our parish target.

I take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart Teresa Lung and the many parishioners who work along with her to run a successful Project Advance campaign, year after year. Your dedication to this cause is a great blessing to our Archdiocese, and to our parish. God bless you all, and here’s wishing you a successful campaign again this year.

Finally, and again, a Happy Easter season to you all.

Fr. Guy