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Dear Parishioners,

There is something important coming up soon. His Grace Archbishop Michael Miller will be with us for a canonical visit to St. Mary’s parish, from Thursday October 17 in the evening, until Sunday October 20, after the 11:15 a.m. mass. We have also decided to seize this opportunity to double up his visit with a ministries fair! Someone will be contacting all ministry leadership teams sometime soon to invite them to set up a table at the fair, and to invite them to an informational meeting where Karen Castelino, one of our parishioners and a very professional event organizer, will provide them with tips as to how to prepare their tables. This ministries fair, as always, is a golden opportunity to discover our ministries and perhaps be inspired to become a member of one of them.

His Grace has undertaken the huge task of visiting every parish in the archdiocese. He has already visited several. It is now our turn! We are still in the process of preparing for and planning his visit. We don’t have a lot of details, but this much we know: he arrives for dinner on Thursday, and the evening is devoted to meetings with the pastoral team, the finance council, and the building committee. So all members of these three groups, please put Thursday evening, October 17th on your agenda right away. We will let you know specific meeting times when we will have determined them. Friday morning will be devoted to St. Mary’s School. The rest of Friday, and all of Saturday will be devoted to meetings with as many of our parish groups and ministries as possible. There are too many for him to meet them all, so we will have to prioritize on the basis of those we feel it is important that he meet, and those we feel that he need not meet because he already knows them well. This won’t be easy, and inevitably, up to certain point, arbitrary. We hope that the groups who will not be retained for a meeting with the archbishop will understand our dilemma and know that we tried as best we could to be fair. Also, we will allow a bit of time for him to visit our parish ministries fair, precisely so that he will be able to meet ministry leaders who have a table at the fair but weren’t granted a private meeting with him.

He will be visible publicly as well, as much as possible. As soon as we will have hammered out a firm schedule of events, we will let you know.

In the meantime, please pray that this combined canonical visit and ministries fair will be a time of grace for our parish…

God bless,

Fr. Guy