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Project Cana: Multi-couple Wedding @St. Mary’s 11am Sat. Feb.11,2017

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giornale lavoro opzionibinarie PROJECT CANA  –  Two Hearts, One Love. Two Promises, One Covenant. Two lives made one in Christ. On Saturday Oct 15, 2016 St. Mary’s hosted a convalidation ceremony for 15 couples, the largest ever in our archdiocese. The Project Cana committee is grateful for the support and service of these ministries:  CWL, KofC, CFC, LOJ, Flower Min, Music Min, Lectors, and Altar Servers for making the celebration a tremendous success!

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On Saturday Feb 11 at 11am in the Church, St. Mary’s Parish will host a convalidation cer-emony for six couples. Everyone is welcome to witness this unique celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage.

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