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St. Mary’s Padre Pio Prayer Group

Getting the heart and mind of Christ in you is an importance of faith and is possible! Fr. Pierre Leblond, OP will walk you through by revising the 2,000-old-virtues of faith, hope and love for day to day lives of ordinary people. 
One of many ways to get to know Padre Pio is to uncover the experiences of those who had direct encountered with the Saint. Padre Pio and Friends series will help you to comprehend God’s love for him and us.
Come, learn and be inspired, join our upcoming prayer meeting on Saturday, February 2, 2019 at Church Hall at 09:30AM.
For further information please contact Lucy Rodjito, email: Lucy.Rodjito@yahoo.ca

St. Mary’s Padre Pio Prayer Group supports the Confession Ministry and our members pray for all priests who are hearing Confession and the penitents who are seeking God’s mercy, peace and freedom. Come and join our prayer group and be transformed!

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