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St. Mary’s Padre Pio Prayer Group May 2019

One of the eminent characteristics of Padre Pio’s profound spirituality was his unfathomable and abiding devotion to the Virgin Mary. On one holy card he wrote, “May Mary always look upon you with maternal love, lighten the weight of your exile and one day reveal to you Jesus in the fullness of his glory, without the fear of ever losing him again.”  Thus, Fr. David Bellusci, O.P. has chosen to talk about Padre Pio and the Virgin Mary based on the original Italian writings. He teaches Philosophy and Religious studies at Catholic Pacific College.

Come, learn and be inspired, see you at our prayer meeting on Saturday May 4th at 09:30AM at Church.

For further information please contact Lucy Rodjito, email: Lucy.Rodjito@yahoo.ca

St. Mary’s Padre Pio Prayer Group supports the Confession Ministry and our members pray for all priests who are hearing Confession and the penitents who are seeking God’s mercy, peace and freedom. Come and join our prayer group and be transformed!

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