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See full article at https://cruxnow.com/church-in-europe/2019/12/exorcists-condemn-childrens-demon-book-as-seductive-dangerous/

The statement released Dec 11, 2019 by the International Association of Exorcists was in reference to a new children’s book titled, A Children’s Book of Demons. Published in May, the book is directed to children aged 5-10 and was penned by Aaron Leighton, an award-winning illustrator and known fan of occult practices.

The book, they said, is one of many new forms of occultism disguised as a game in order to lure in young people by advertising it as something positive, but which ultimately leads to devil worship.

“Whoever invites a child to summon a demon is causing them to lose their identity and to be morally, psychologically and spiritually destroyed” they said, “because they do not present them [demons] for what they really are: … enemies of God and of humanity, beings full of hatred toward every man, intent on suggesting every evil and every perversity, with the sole purpose of pitting ourselves against one another and in the end definitively separating us from God and leading us into eternal perdition, an endless suffering.”

Some of other common vehicles that open doors to the demonic are: devotion to “Santa Muerte”, the hit series “Sabrina”, Ouija boards, “Charlie Charlie challenge”.