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Dear Parishioners,

For reasons unknown to us, we have been chosen by God to be among those who hold God’s wisdom like a treasure. It is in the hope of spreading, of sharing that secret and hidden wisdom of God with others that Alpha was born a few decades ago, and continues to make converts not just in London England, where it was established, but in much of the Western World.

Our very own Alpha series of encounters begins for a second time just under two weeks from now. This year, it will take place on Friday evenings, from Friday February 28th until Friday May 22nd. We will take a break on Good Friday, and there will be a full Saturday at some point in the second half of the series.

These evenings last from 7:00 p.m.  until 9:00 p.m., and include a meal, the viewing of very effective videos, a bit of teaching, and conversation in small groups.

It is intended primarily for people who, precisely, are not in on God’s wisdom, people who are very far removed from the Church, either because they have never been in the Church, or have been, but abandoned Church life very long ago. This is where you, our active parishioners, come in. We, who are putting on this Alpha series, of course, don’t know who these people are, precisely because they are not in Church. But you know who they are. They are your siblings, your adult children, your friends, your neighbours, your co-workers, your fellow students. There are surely, among all these people whom you know, some who are searching for something deeper, something more in life, something to cling to in the often bewildering, disappointing, low-ceilinged limits of our lives. Something that they would find if they came to Alpha. But of course, they don’t know about Alpha, for the same reason we don’t know them – they’re not in Church. If, then, you don’t mention Alpha to them, how will they know about it? We’re counting entirely on you to promote this event among the people you know who you think might benefit. Just propose it to them, let them know the basic facts, and let God do the rest.

The basic facts are the place and time and content, outlined above. There is no need to register, no cost, no commitment. Of course, the ideal is that they come to the first gathering on February 29th, but they can come any Friday evening until the end. If they like what they see and hear, they stay. If they don’t, they needn’t come back. It’s just an evening.

But if they like what they see and hear and they stay, this series of evenings, it’s safe to say, will change their lives immensely, for the better.

Please understand that by simply pointing out this series of encounters to someone you know, you could be contributing to God’s provident act of bringing that person into the Church, into the meaningfulness of our Christian lives, into a life of faith and hope. That would be no small thing.

Let’s all make God’s work possible by inviting even only one person to Alpha.

I take this opportunity to thank Eli Bautista and the team of people who are putting on this event, for their immense generosity. God bless you all, and God bless this year’s Alpha series.       

Fr. Guy