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Youth for Family and Life (CFC-YFL)


Youth For Family And Life (CFC-YFL) exists to provide an environment for youth ages 12 to 21 to honor God through a life of holiness, to empower them to act in humble service, to encourage them to relate in joy with their family, community and the church and to testify to God’s love. Entry to CFC-YFL is through a weekend youth camp with several talks/sessions meant to promote an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus and a positive and life giving relationship with family and peers. All members participate in a continuous spiritual formation program as well as other youth oriented activities. They have monthly assemblies as well as a yearly Canada wide youth conference. There also weekly meetings. Everybody is encouraged to participate actively in all of the community’s activities while allowing for schedule constraints from school, work shifts and other obligations. For more information please visit: www.cfcyfl.org