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“BE NOT AFRAID” – Msgr. John Esseff

Msgr. Esseff discusses the crippling effects of fear and it’s remedy. Fear, in a very real way, is the opposite of faith. There’s an adage in spirituality that says that if we can name the demon we can tame it. Jesus wants us not to be afraid. He may challenge us in some ways, so that we can name it and bring it out of the darkness into peace.  Source: Discerning Hearts Catholic Podcasts.


If you missed Msgr. John Esseff’s talks at St.Mary’s Lenten Retreat and Padre Pio Prayer Group, you can get the audio CDs or video DVDs at St. Mary’s parish office during regular office hours. Call 604-435-9611 ext.0  or  email: reception.smarv@rcav.org