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CWL – Pastor’s Corner – Feb 11 2018

Dear parishioners,


It’s time to feature yet another of our important parish ministries. It gives me great pleasure to yield the pastor’s corner to Lenn Castro, current president of St. Mary’s Council of the Catholic Women’s League:


In February 2006, with the guidance and direction of Fr. Guy Rivard, St. Mary’s CWL Council 3093 was established with 12 long-time parishioners as its founding leaders. Some leaders have passed on (Chit, Florinda, Gloria, Anita) and yet many have become leaders who continue to support the parish and its other ministries (Ariadne, Teresa, Bay, Rose, Edna, Cynthia).


The Catholic Women’s League of Canada is a national organization rooted in gospel values calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God. It is an organization of women who truly believe they can make a difference in the world; are fighting to protect the sanctify of life; are dedicated to the preservation of Christian family life; working to uphold the dignity of human beings; are striving to set a Christian example in our home and workplace ; finding ways to enhance the role of women in the church and society and most importantly; working to achieve individual and collective spiritual development.


The league’s mandate is to serve the parish, the community and Canada as a whole. On a parish and community level, we hold our annual Mother’s Day lunch and donate the funds to our parish and other non-profit organizations such as Luke 15 House, Street Ministry, L’Arche, Talitha Koum, Burnaby Hospice Society and Domestic Abuse, to name but a few, all of which help in building up our community. Our outreach program includes The Door is Open, Covenant House, seminarians at the Abbey, and Poor Clares. Nationally, the CWL National team meets annually with federal government ministers on issues affecting the country such as child pornography, abortion, prostitution, human trafficking, etc. Internationally, we support women’s programs in developing
countries through Matercare Int’l and Development and Peace. Women’s voices are being heard more loudly because of the Catholic Women’s League.


Today, we have 42 women with loud voices at St. Mary’s and we are striving to have more. We are given the opportunity to attend conventions where we get nourishment in our social and spiritual life. We are called to be the light of the world, the salt of the earth, the hands and feet of Christ reaching out to those in need; we are the spirit of hope and the voice of peace. We hope you can join us and make a difference.


Thank you very much Lenn. Blessed be God for the presence of the CWL in St. Mary’s Parish, and may God pour abundant blessings upon your council, upon its members, and upon its ministry.


Fr. Guy