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“Dearest Lady of Namacpacan, grant us a mother’s blessing and a mother’s care.” – Pastor’s Corner – Aug 26 2018

Dear parishioners,


We have reached the end of a period of grace. This Friday, Our Lady of Namacpacan will leave our church, destined for Seattle, and eventually, back home to Luna, La Union, Philippines.


I will miss her. I have grown fond of her presence in our church. I have loved these two months of being a church of pilgrimage. I loved the fact that our church was open every evening. I loved to see the crowds gathered for the novena prayer at 6:00 p.m. I loved the hope that I saw on the faces of those who came to our church to pray to her. But now, it’s time for her to go. I have asked her, and I have to believe that she will take us with her, that she will continue to lift up to her Son, in her all-powerful mother’s intercession, all of the prayers we have lifted up to her.


I thank God for this grace in the life of our parish. And just as importantly, I thank all of those, too many to mention, who contributed to the success of this two-month experience of being a pilgrimage church. I feel the need to name two of them, Rey and Ophelia Sagun, because they have clearly played a leading role in this project, from its inception, almost a year ago, until today. They have been tireless in their commitment to this cause. Without them, it simply wouldn’t have happened, and it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly from start to finish. On behalf of the parish, and of all those who came from far and wide to pray in our church, I thank them, and I thank all of those who worked tirelessly along with them, throughout the course of this parish experience. God bless you all.


A closing suggestion: the prayer to Our Lady of Namacpacan is very beautiful. This is the last Sunday that the text of this beautiful prayer will appear in the parish bulletin. Why not take the bulletin home, cut out the prayer, and place it on your refrigerator door? It’s a prayer that bears repeating…


Through the intercession of Our Lady of Namacpacan, may God extend His Providence to all those who will turn to her in prayer in Seattle, and back home in Luna.


God bless,


Fr. Guy