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Dear parishioners,


As some of you may already know, days after we had taken up the special collection for Development and Peace(D&P) on the fifth Sunday of Lent, we learned that the Archdiocese of Vancouver, along with several other dioceses in Canada, had decided to withhold those funds from D & P, pending an investigation into allegations that this organization is collaborating with partner organizations in the developing world that are at odds with Catholic social and moral teachings, especially with respect to the sanctity of human life from conception to its natural end. Actually, Development and Peace had already initiated in fall of 2017 a systematic review of all of its 170 partners, to ensure their compliance with Catholic teachings and values. So it is to be hoped that the verification of the truth or falsehood of the allegations will not take too long.


Development and Peace has responded to this unfortunate development. You can access the Message from the Executive Director of Development and Peace by clicking on the link bearing the same title on our parish webpage.


In this critical time, let us pray for Development and Peace. Given the ever-widening rift between Catholic moral and social teachings, and those of the world in which we live, it will become, in all likelihood, ever more difficult to ensure that partner organizations comply with our Catholic values.


Let us pray also for His Grace, our Archbishop Michael Miller, and for all of our bishops, who bear the heavy responsibility of upholding our Catholic convictions in all that we do as Church.


Finally, let us pray that the current impasse will be resolved with celerity, so that Development and Peace can very soon resume its support for its partners, the vast majority of which are in full compliance with Catholic teachings.


God bless Development and Peace, and the lives of all those who have benefitted from its work in the past fifty years. May this wonderful ministry of an important arm of the Catholic Church in Canada continue to unfold for the benefit of the poorest in our world.


Fr. Guy