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Join us for The Feast Vancouver @St.Mary’s Sun. Oct.22nd 1pm

The Feast Vancouver

As the old saying goes ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover!’

Don’t judge a person because she looks weird or she’s clumsy. Friend, you don’t know her story…

Don’t judge a preacher because he has tattoos.Friend, you don’t know his story..

Don’t judge a single mom who has four kids. Friend, you don’t know her story…

No matter what is your story, no matter what is your religion, no matter what is your race.. No matter where you have been, what you’ve done, where you came from – FEAST is always a safe place for you! Whether you hit rock bottom, or you are heartbroken, or you feel imperfect – because Feast is a place where ‘IT’S OK NOT TO BE OK’

We would like to invite you for this coming Sunday series:

Big Day: Wear Your “We” Glasses

Sunday, October 22nd at 1PM
5251 Joyce St, Vancouver, BC V5R 4G8