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Holy Matrimony

Marriage Information

  • One of the couple must be Catholic and a registered parishioner of St. Mary’s Parish for at least 6 months before contacting the parish for a marriage.
  • Notification of marriage is required a minimum of 6 months before the wedding date.
  • Upon notification, the first step is to register for the Archdiocesan Marriage Preparation Course. The registration form may be picked up at the parish office during regular office hours.
  • Baptismal certificates are required for the baptized (Catholic and Christian denominations) and must be dated within 6 months of the wedding date.
  • A marriage license is mandatory for your wedding to take place. The license must be issued less than 90 days before your wedding.
  • All music must be approved Catholic mass music and agreed upon by the parish priest.
  • Only 1 photographer and 1 videographer are allowed during the marriage ceremony.
  • No confetti or rice is allowed inside the church or outside on the church property.
  • We do not rent facilities for wedding receptions or parties.

Note: If there are any special circumstances or if you have inquiries, please contact the parish office for assistance – email:  parish.smarv@rcav.org


“The Sacrament of Matrimony (USCCB)

Uploaded on May 27, 2010
All the sacraments involve God taking ordinary things and using them for his purposes and so we use things like water and oil, bread and wine. In the sacrament of marriage, we bring something very natural — the human body and human love. Featuring Msgr. John Zenz, of the archdiocese of Detroit.


Bishop Robert Barron on Marriage & Relationships

More than a union based on romantic love or mutual fulfillment, marriage goes back to the very essence of what it is to be human – and reflects a design placed in our hearts by God himself. BELOVED – from the producers of the renowned SYMBOLON series – explores the spiritual and eternal reality behind “I Do.” Beautifully filmed and featuring acclaimed marriage experts, BELOVED speaks to the very heart of every husband and wife, bringing sacramental truth and God-infused love into the everyday challenges of married life. Beloved: Mystery & Meaning of Marriage includes six inspiring and informative sessions — available on FORMED.org and can have free access thru St. Mary’s parish subscription; email to parishlibrary.stmarys@gmail.com or library.stmarv@rcav.org — your contact info for registration and instructions on how to register.