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Padre Pio Prayer Group – Symbols of strength, relationship and intimacy of the Holy Spirit – March 10 2018

St. Mary’s Padre Pio Prayer Group

Come and join our next Padre Pio Prayer Group prayer meeting to discover the symbols of strength, relationship and intimacy of the Holy Spirit.


From the last Man of Hope series, we know that Saint Padre Pio had arrived at San Giovanni Rotondo. It was up there, in the monastery on that barren and deserted mountain in a poor and insignificant town, that one of the greatest mystical events of our time occurred: Jesus’ wounds were imprinted on the hands and feet of the poor Capuchin friar known as Padre Pio.


Details of the story will be presented on Saturday, March 10th, 2018 at 09:30AM @ St. Mary’s Church Basement. We will proceed with morning Mass at 08:30AM. See you there!!


For further information please contact: Lucy.Rodjito@yahoo.ca


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