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          This last 17 years have been the most beautiful in my life, and by far! The ultimate source of my joy is not that the number of Mass attendance has increased, but that more people experienced a more meaningful faith in God and a deeper, caring love for one another. Among those who had a practice based on routine, culture, and/or fear, maybe 10-20% began to grasp the rich meaning of faith for their lives. Among those who had already pass this stage, maybe 15% moved to a greater spirit of thanksgiving to God, and a desire to bring that awareness to others, in the family, workplace, and friends. They may also have found out they become more caring towards others.

          And among those who had already discovered that years ago, maybe 10% realized that truly, their lives were not just about themselves but about God’s sons and daughters and his children in the making. They have a desire to free themselves for God and others. In their lives, they experience God’s grace transforming them and they want to share this in words and deeds to the parish community and to their neighbourhood, and to the world. They know that their prayers for the world matter and make a difference. In fact, they bring new people to the church, to prayer groups, to ministries, to outreach, and service groups.

          Wherever you are in this “ladder”, I am fully confident that, if you continue to cooperate with the plans and grace of God, God will bring to fulfillment the good things he has started doing in you and through you.

          It was God’s grace that was at work in you, ­­not myself. And God will bless Fr. Guy so that he may be a channel of God’s grace for you. May God continue to increase his wisdom and love.

          The next 10 months will be for me a time of more direct relationship with Christ. I need this! I trust that God will fulfil this desire that he himself put in me. May the same grace be given to you. I will pray for you from the mountain of Mont Royal in Montreal.

          Pastors come and go but Christ stays!

          After my sabbatical, I have permission to come back and serve the diocese in whatever roles and places that God has in mind for me. I have no plans of retiring now. Only when the Lord will call me to do so. Everything that happened to me recently has turned out to be a great and timely grace. So much so that I am amazed and surprised by God’s providential love. The same thing can happen to you, if you desire it and cooperate with God’s Providence.


God bless you,

Fr. Pierre