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Pastor’s Corner

Dear parishioners,


This week, we are featuring a very special ministry, of which no doubt some of you are unaware. It’s called “Mission Ablaze”. It`s a charismatic prayer-group, but it`s much more than that, as you will learn from the following text, submitted by Riz Geronimo, coordinator of this ministry:


Mission Ablaze started as a small group of 11 parishioners here in St. Mary’s in 2009. Driven by its Mission Statement and empowered by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the group has grown eight times in eight years, and truly ABLAZE!



Mission Ablaze is not just another prayer meeting.  It is also and more significantly an action prayer group, a pastoral group that prays for evangelization in our parish and Archdiocese and seeks direction and motivation from the Lord.  Its ‘Core Group’ or the leaders group – is mandated by and with the pastors to initiate and organize evangelization activities, faith education workshops and conferences, community building events and even fundraising for the needy.  These initiatives provide avenues for participants to discover their gifts and use them to accomplish God’s Will and build up God’s Kingdom. 


It is not boring. It is multi-cultural.

It meets every Tuesday evening, from 7:30 –9:00 pm to praise and worship the Lord, in  joyful singing led by 3 alternating groups of great musicians; to reflect and share the Scriptures; to receive healing prayer ministry.



¨ Teaching night  twice a month, our pastors, invited speakers and Core Group members alternately give  teachings.

¨ Fellowship night is once a month, an evening when members build up one another and pray for each other in small discussion groups.

¨ Testimony Night is once a month”But   you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses throughout the ends of the earth.”




Thank you Riz, for this information and more importantly for coordinating the core  group of Mission Ablaze, and may God bless your team`s ministry, abundantly.


Fr. Guy