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Pastor’s Corner

Dear parishioners,



Today we feature our Healing Ministry Team. Here is Rhoda, the coordinator of this ministry, who provides us with a very good explanation of what this ministry is all about:


The Healing Ministry was founded 10 years ago, truly by divine providence, when three couples approached Father Pierre Leblond to volunteer their services to the parish. There are now 22 members who are dedi-cated to praying with those in need of healing. This ministry also includes inter-cessors and prayer warriors. The intercessors and prayer warriors intercede for the prayer team and the suppli-cants during regular or indi-vidual prayer sessions.



The Healing Ministry mission is to bring God’s love and healing to anyone who is in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing; healing of painful memories, loss, anger, despair, or other concerns.
Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit during healing prayer, the prayer team listens to, loves, and prays with each person. The prayer team, sometimes through several prayer ses-sions, walks with the person in their faith jour-ney by helping them to know Jesus, to love Jesus, and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.


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The healing prayer modality we use is based on our study of Christian Healing Ministries’ School of Healing Prayer by Francis and Judith MacNutt, and “Unbound” prayer by Neil Loza-no, but in all of these the healer is our Lord, Jesus Christ. With God’s grace, we become instruments of His love and His healing.


Through prayers and study, with the guidance of our spiritual director, previously Father Pierre Leblond, and now Father Gabriel de Chadaré-vian and Father Guy Rivard, we, in the prayer teams, continue to deepen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, thereby strengthening our faith, growing in holiness as indi-viduals and as a group, being a beacon of light in the darkness, and allowing God to work in us and through us, and bringing all of this into each prayer ses-sion, into the parish commu-nity, and to those that we encounter in our daily lives.



Healing prayers are held regularly during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every Wednesday and Friday from 7:45 pm – 9:00 pm in the church children’s room. They may also be done by appointment for those who seek a longer pray-er session, or by visitation to those who are sick at home or in the hospital as requested, or to pray for residents of recovery houses such as Luke 15.



Thank you Rhoda, and may God continue to bless your important ministry and make it fruitful in the lives of those over whom and with whom you pray.


Fr. Guy