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           We would rather not have temptations at all. And when we do have them – quite frequently! – we blame God for having abandoned us. But the temptations are necessary. Without them, we would never learn how to trust in God. We would not even try to trust God.

           Let’s listen to Pope Benedict XVI “At the heart of all temptations is the act of pushing God aside because we perceive him as secondary, if not actually superfluous or annoying, in comparison with all the apparently far more urgent matters that fill our lives.” Indeed, we tend to postpone indefinitely what is truly important but not urgent in favor of those urgent things to do. What is really important but not urgent in your life? They are actions that, in the long run, will make of your life a spiritual mess, if you keep postponing them day after day. Actions such as giving quality time to your children, parents, spouse, taking care of your health, praying every day, facing the ultimate questions about your relationship to God. If you don’t face these ultimate questions, God will become to you less and less real, less and less good according to your eyes. You will no longer understand him and reject him more and more. Your family will become a burden in your busy agenda. You will hate the commandments of God…

           What makes you run away from God and from true life?


What are your favorite ways of escaping reality? Food, alcohol, comfort, sex, pornography, social media? The fear of rejection, if you don’t conform to the ways of the majority? Being seen in the company of popular people? Enjoying your superiority over others and despising them… “I am so much better than them! Why should I worry?” Or is it the search for control that feeds your life and your goals, in such a way that you don’t have time for real important issues? Everybody tries to control somebody else. Just because everybody does it does not mean it is good.


           Lent is a time to discover your escapes and learn to seek the truly important things, even when they don’t seem urgent. For this, you will need free time, silence, prayer, fasting. These will allow you to unmask your diversions, and let the truly important things to emerge. I pray that you will take the time.


God bless you!  Fr. Pierre




There will be Stations of the Cross on every Friday of Lent at 6:30pm in the church.