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THANK YOU! – Pastor’s Corner – April 15 2018

Dear parishioners,

My message on this third Sunday of Easter is a simple one – it is a message of thankfulness. Three weeks ago, we opened Holy Week with our Palm Sunday liturgies. Then we experienced a near-flawless Holy Triduum. Only those who were involved, as well as the up-close observers, like us priests, can understand just how much work is involved in pulling off this highly complex liturgical achievement. We have a profound debt of gratitude, as a parish, toward our central liturgy committee, and all of those involved in each of the specific liturgical ministries. By the time you read this, we will have figured out a way of saying thank you to all these people, not just in words, but in deeds. In the meantime, I simply want to say, in our name, to everyone in our parish who is involved in liturgy, not just during Holy Week and the Triduum, but throughout our liturgical year, thank you, and God bless you. By your hard work, you have enabled the thousands that we are, to live prayerfully the Church’s celebration of Holy Week and Easter. That is an enormous gift from you to us all. May God render back to you – if He hasn’t already – in abundance the gift you have given to us all.


God bless,

Fr. Guy