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Tuesday Morning Video Links

For those not able to go to St. Mary’s for daily or Sunday Mass or not able to go to another church, here are a few links on the Internet that are available.  Depending on your cable TV service, you may also be able to view Daily Mass on VisionTV and EWTN channels.


YouTube Channels


Daily TV Mass (Daily Monday to Saturday, excluding Sunday)
Daily TV Mass Monday, October 9 2017

Archdiocese of Toronto (Weekly Sunday Mass)
The Sunday Mass – 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (October 8, 2017)

Philippine Daily Mass (Daily including Sunday)
FILIPINO TV MASS October 10, 2017 QUIAPO CHURCH 12:15 am Tuesday Mass

Sambuhay TV Mass (Daily including Sunday)
Sambuhay TV Mass | 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) | October 8, 2017