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Corazon Alcuitas

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“Be Still And Know That I Am Your God”

“The Spirit of God dwells in our hearts in silence.  And, in humility and in faith, we must enter into that silent presence.
The all important aim in Christian Meditation is to allow God’s mysterious and silent presence within us to become more and more not only a reality, but the reality in our lives; to let it become the reality of which gives meaning, shape and purpose to everything we do, to everything we are.“            

Fr. John Main

Christian Meditation is a group that meditates, and practices contemplative prayer as passed on through the teaching of the late Fr. John Main OSB.  Rooted in Christian tradition from the earliest times, meditation is a way of simplicity in which we quiet the mind and become still and attentive to God. 

It is a prayer of silence, which takes us beyond words, thoughts and images to experience the presence of Christ within us.  
The session lasts for an hour and consists of listening to an inspirational talk on meditation based on scriptures, followed by 25 minutes of silent meditation. There is also a time of sharing and questions if needed.

Our group is affiliated with the BC Community for Christian Meditation, consisting of meditation groups from different parishes and homes in the province. Nationally, we are also part of the Canadian Christian Meditation Community and worldwide, thru the World Community for Christian Meditation of which Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB is the current director.